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A long expected update

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Good worming! 

All apologizes for this very (very!) late update. It's overdue.

As you may imagine, the set up of the web shop did take a discrete amount of supplementary time. I also had the feeling the news I could tell were not exiting enough to be reported. Now a whole wheelbarrow of news awaits, if you want to read more.


Worms and bytes

Where did the time go?It can be fun to look back at your former occupation, but I really thought I left computers behind me for a while. I spent a colossal amount of time trying to make an interesting (and functioning) web shop. It would have taken even more time, would it not have been for the precious and free! help of Simon Baarssen. He's running different shops for paint in the Netherlands and builds web shops "as a hobby". I wish to thank him again for having fun with my problems! Now, after convincing F-Secure that my shop is not " unknown" and that it is safe, it's time to announce the official opening of Nordic Worming's web shop. It is true that some translations into Finnish are still a little stiff or, worse, wrong. I'm correcting those mistakes and machine-made translations progressively. 

Also different problems occurred with the website in general, which held me back from posting updates. The worse was, not being able to access the site and the e-mail, causing difficulties not only to me but also to customers (those who found their way to the shop), not able to contact me or not getting an answer. Luckily, the issues have been solved and it's time to move on. I am really sorry for any problems caused and, on this occasion, kindly ask customers to call me, should an answer to an e-mail take more than one day. Thanks!

New products!

are coming up. Beside bait worms for freshwater fishing (who have already found fans), and composting worms, we now also have our very own containers for home composting (small, large, indoor and outdoor)! I will put them on the shop as soon as they're ready for sale.

The worm population has reached a very satisfactory amount, allowing me to finally start fulfilling the numerous request I received over the last weeks as well as the proper composting part of the business.

I will do my best to post weekly, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and worm regards!

Olivier Fontana

P.S. The same news can also be found on Nordic Worming's Facebook page.

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